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  • UK immigration law and practice

    We advise and assist clients in all areas of UK immigration law, including applications for visas to enter the United Kingdom as visitors, students, spouses, dependants, highly skilled workers andas sole representatives of companies. We also advise on acquiring British citizenship.
    In this regard, we will take detailed instructions from our clients and advise them on the relevant immigration rules and law to be applied to their applications.
    We will also advise them on the nature of the documents that they need to support their visa application. We also assist clients in completing the visa application forms and then prepare covering letters to introduce and support the applications. The covering letter will set out the relevant immigration rules and explain to the British High Commission why the client’s application satisfies the legal requirements for the visa that they are applying for and should therefore be granted.

    When people are refused visas, we prepare their appeals and represent them at the relevant immigration tribunals and courts in the UK.

    Commercial law

    We advise on the legal aspects of commercial transactions involving English law. We draft and vet contracts.
    When a commercial dispute arises, we write letters of claim on behalf of clients and respond to letters of claim written to our clients. We draft court documents and represent our clients in the courts of England and Wales.

    Property law
    Our practice in this area includes drafting leases and tenancy agreements and advising clients in landlord and tenant cases, co-ownership disputes, trusts and probate matters.
    We also represent clients in the courts of England and Wales in litigation involving these areas of law.

    Entertainment law

    We advise clients and represent clients in all areas of entertainment law, including copyright, trade names and entertainment contracts.

    Divorce and family law

    We advise and represent clients in divorce cases, financial applications in divorce cases and children cases.

    Criminal Law Specialization

    We advise, assist and can offer representation in the English Courts on all aspects of criminal law particularly in the areas concerning the Bribery Act 2010 which is an Act of the United Kingdom Parliament that covers the criminal law relating to bribery. The Act has a universal jurisdiction that allows for the prosecution of individuals or companies with links to the UK regardless of where the offense takes place.

    We can also assist, advise and offer representation in the English ‎Courts with any issue concerning the principal money laundering legislation in the UK, The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA). POCA is an important  Act that provides for the confiscation or civil recovery of assets deemed to be proceeds of crime.



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