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  • Inner Temple Chambers is an English barristers’ chambers that is based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is regulated by the Bar Standards Board which is the regulatory arm of the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales. It is the only known English barristers’ chambers in Nigeria.

    Members of chambers accept instructions on English law from clients that are based in Nigeria. They offer advice on English law, draft English legal documents for them and represent them in courts and tribunals in England and Wales.

     We offer a specialist UK immigration law service. Our service includes advising clients on how to make visa applications, completing the visa applications forms, preparing covering letters to introduce and support the applications and preparing appeals for clients whose applications for a visa have been refused and representing them at the relevant immigration tribunals and courts in the United Kingdom.

    Members of chambers also accept instructions from solicitors and lay clients that are based in the United Kingdom, the US and Zambia. Our barristers accept instructions from those solicitors and lay clients via email, courier and telephone. Our barristers will write opinions and draft legal documents for those UK-based solicitors and lay clients at very competitive rates and email or courier the opinions or legal documents to them.

    Members of chambers are usually involved in cross-border litigation between England and Nigeria and act as expert witnesses on English and Nigerian law in the courts of England, Wales, Zambia and Nigeria.

    Inner Temple Chambers, like all English barristers’ chambers, is not a legal entity, and has no corporate or collective legal identity of any kind. Each barrister practising from Inner Temple Chambers is self-employed and in independent private legal practice. By the Code of Conduct of the Bar Council of England and Wales, they are prohibited from practising in partnership, sharing in profits or engaging in joint professional ventures.

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